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Transit Frequently Asked Questions

What is your service area?

See our Service Area Map.

What types of trips can I use Amblicab for?

Amblicab can be used for purposes including but not limited to medical appointments, employment, shopping or visiting friends. 

We do not travel to liquor stores, taverns or places of adult entertainment. There cannot be more than three stairs at the pick up or drop off location if the rider is in a wheelchair. Unscheduled stops will not be accommodated. Riders requiring regular fixed rides each week may ask to be on the “subscription” ride wait list.  When openings for subscription rides occur, riders will be contacted according to the wait list. Medical rides receive priority.

Who can ride with Amblicab?

Amblicab has a variety of funding sources and provides transportation services for the following populations:

1.) Riders with a current ADA certification and Metro Mobility ID card. To obtain a current ADA certification card, call the City ADA eligibility office at 719-392-2396 (ext. 5) and they will mail you an application. It may take up to three weeks to get your approval. If you have an appointment at the eligibility office, you may ride Amblicab at no charge to and from the certification appointment. Riders under this funding sources are charged $3.50 per ride.

2.) Seniors age 60 and over may ride for any purpose. There is no charge for this service, but a donation of $3.50 per ride is appreciated. 

3.) Riders with certain types of Medicaid can be transported to Medicaid funded medical appointments. This service is free but a donation of $3.50 per ride is appreciated.  Riders must also have their doctor's office complete a form verifying they attended each appointment.  

Can I bring other riders with me?

Riders may have one Personal Care Assistant ride with them at no charge. Please notify the scheduler when setting up the ride that a PCA will be traveling with you. This person must be someone who can help in case of an emergency. Up to two children of the person with a disability may ride with the passenger at no extra cost. The scheduler must approve the extra passengers when the ride is scheduled.

Parents must have an appropriate safety seat with required restraints for children per Colorado State Law.
The parent must install and properly secure the child safety seat / booster seat and be able to lift their child into the safety seat and attach all belts and restraints. The driver may not lift, carry, or secure any child into the restraint. Children must be under the parent’s control at all times.

Can I bring a service animal with me?

Riders may travel with trained service animals to assist them. All other dogs or cats must be in a closed kennel and able to travel quietly. Aggressive pets will not be allowed on Amblicab vehicles for any reason.

Can I bring my portable oxygen tank with me?

Riders may travel with respirators and portable oxygen tanks.  Please notify the scheduler that you will be traveling with oxygen.

How do I pay for my trip?

Riders may pay by cash or check for individual trips. A book of ten tickets, for ten rides, is available for purchase from the driver by cash or check. Drivers do not carry change. Make checks payable to Disability Services, Inc.

What do I do if I need to cancel a trip?

If a rider needs to cancel a ride, please call 719-425-2203 immediately. Follow the directions given in the message. Callers need to leave a message on the cancellation line including the day and time of the ride being cancelled. If a rider has a two-way trip (round trip), the caller needs to note which trip segment they are cancelling or if both segments need cancelling.

Cancellations within 24 hours of pick-up time, or if the rider is not available or ready. (including being more than 5 minutes late for a pick up time) will be considered a “no-show”.  After 3 “no-shows” in a 12-month period, the rider will lose ride privileges for 90 days.   The 4th “no-show” in that 12-month period will result in loss of ride privileges for 120 days.  The 5th “no-show” will result in loss of ride privileges for the next year. To avoid a “no-show”, call the office as soon as you know you will not need the ride.